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The Inner Connection Institute (ICI) is a modern spiritual community that provides healings, classes, and spiritual services designed to support the unfolding of your spiritual truth and freedom through the development of your own natural clairvoyant abilities.

Meditation for Living

Create your day and transform your life with our free spiritual development program.

Harness the power of intention and attention as you:

– Learn easy, effective skills to recharge and find emotional balance
– Create energetic boundaries to better take care of yourself and your relationships
– Clear blocks to growth and release old patterns that hold you back

Perfect for both beginners & seasoned meditators. Be amazed with your results!

Picture our organization as a tree with three branches

Picture our organization as a tree with three branches


The first branch represents the healing services we offer. We provide intuitive readings, energy healing, and spiritual counseling to assist you on your journey.

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The second branch is the Institute’s virtual courses in meditation, energy healing, and clairvoyance, along with a variety of workshops and seminars.

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The third branch symbolizes our Church, which we define as a safe space of spiritual sanctuary for souls come to rest and remember their spiritual nature.

“ICI is a wonderfully welcoming community of explorers where you get to choose your own adventure, all in the spirit of freedom and empowerment—whether it’s through meditation to create inner peace and balance, or clairvoyance to develop your inherent gifts of seeing and transforming energy. It’s a beautifully grounded space of spiritual connection, free of dogma, where everyone is invited to flourish in their own unique magnificence. In one way, you could say ICI is all about the art of living. It’s about embracing the adventure of life with awareness and unfolding in your life what is uniquely yours to embody and express.”

– Elizabeth Hunter

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Readings are a powerful way to heal and transform.


We offer on demand, live and local classes & workshops.


We offer local as well as virtual services for the Church of Infinite Spirit.

“The most significant and transformative relationships you can cultivate are your relationship with yourself and your connection with the consciousness that creates this Universe. These relationships are reflected in all your other associations.”

–Lauren Skye, founder

The Team

The leaders, healers & teachers of the Inner Connection Institute.

Lauren Skye

Lauren Skye

Founder, Co-Director

Margaret Johnson

Margaret Johnson


Recent Press

Voyage Denver Lauren Skye

Meet Lauren Skye of Inner Connection Institute in Golden Triangle

In addition to helping me heal anxiety and illness, clairvoyant perspective helped me see and unravel my life story at a whole new level of depth. The healing was so rapid and intense, it was easy to commit to a long-term study of clairvoyance. I continued to learn and grow with many fabulous teachers as I honed my abilities.

Podcast: Finding Your Higher Self In The Midst Of Coronavirus

At this point, we are at a crossroads. The global lockdown has been extended, and we must ask ourselves if the fear we are being sold is proportionate to the problem. In this episode of The FM Shift, Lauren Skye, the owner, and director of Inner Connection Institute joins us to share her perspective on the COVID-crisis. She discusses the spiritual reality, the power of fear, and she explains how spirituality plays a role in the way we respond to a crisis.

Recent Guided Meditation

Allowing A Change In The Plan

Facilitated by Lauren Skye

Enjoy this sharing about when plans go awry, which includes a guided meditation to support you during times of unexpected change.

Our Virtual Classroom

Browse the offerings in our Virtual Classroom to develop your meditation practice,
engage clairvoyance, and experience spiritual awareness.

“ICI is the real deal. I have been a part of this community for the last three years and I cannot speak highly enough about my experience. Lauren and Margaret are remarkable teachers and I am so grateful to study meditation and clairvoyance with them. I enjoy all the classes, workshops, and services they offer and I even met my best friend and soul partner at one of their events! I highly recommend anything they offer.”

– Jake

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