Five minutes into my morning walk, I realized I had neglected to bring my phone with me. Darn! I considered returning home to retrieve it.  After all, I was knee deep in a great audiobook.  However, I decided to go forth, and be phoneless.

At first, all I could think about was my phone.  What if I missed a text or call?  What if I needed to reach out for help?  My hands kept going to my pocket to try and retrieve the missing device.  I felt strange and bare.  But as I walked, I found my attention turning to the birdsongs, the flowers, and the refreshing breeze.  I noticed my feet and body and how wonderful it felt to move. 

Our world is filled with distractions.  So many of them emanate from our electronics.  Phone calls, emails, texts, calendar reminders all seemingly demand our immediate focus.  These technological tools can be extraordinarily helpful and also attention-grabbing vortexes.  Some days it seems as if the phone and/or computer are running the show and we are desperately trying to keep afloat.

While we have no control over the constant demands and distractions outside of us (whether from technology or other sources), we do have the opportunity to turn our attention to the inner realm.  We can center, ground and be present.  Meditation opens up the awareness, power and spiritual connection that are always available within.

Whether you are new to meditation or have been using the tools for years, remember that reality is created from the inside out.  Your attention is a precious resource.  Reclaim yours and turn your focus toward what you want to create.  And, in so doing, transform your life experience. 

This fall, ICI is offering a series of classes to support you in your meditation practice.  Check out our lineup of workshops on The Energy of Money, The Energy of Technology, and Using The Tools as well as Graduate Spiritual Journey and Healing Clinics.    

Put your phone down and grab your own attention!

About the Author: Margaret Johnson

Margaret Johnson is Co-Director of the Inner Connection Institute and an officiating Minister of both online and in-person services at the Church of Infinite Spirit. She teaches many of ICI’s online classes and offers private intuitive readings and healings by phone. As a former Wall Street portfolio manager and a mother of four, Margaret began her training at ICI over 20 years ago and experienced a profound inner transformation. Whether teaching or reading, it is her greatest joy to support others in their spiritual journey of healing, awareness and freedom.