Scheduling a Reading


When to schedule a reading?

  • You are experiencing loss
  • A relationship has ended or changed
  • Family issues are challenging
  • You are experiencing a career change
  • Life is confusing
  • You want to go deeper into your spiritual information and understanding
  • You are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain

Clairvoyant readings bring clarity to any situation. Challenges are transformed into opportunity, and healing begins. Learn more about how readings can create lasting change on our Healings page.


Lauren Skye

Lauren Skye

Lauren engages clairvoyance and a variety of healing modalities in sessions with clients. She looks into your questions and your energy with clarity and without judgment. Any issue or area of life can be addressed, illuminated, and transformed. Along with providing clear intuitive insights, Lauren facilitates the release the unconscious obstructions you may have been holding. Lauren’s readings are powerful and insightful, designed to support the expression of your unique truth and personal power. By offering a fresh perspective on your challenges, opportunities for growth, and relationships, Lauren allows you to integrate a spiritual outlook into your day-to-day reality.

Lauren works with clients by phone, Zoom videoconference, and in person at her office in downtown Denver. She typically schedules about 2 weeks in advance.

Lauren is the author of “Spiritual Amnesia: A Wake Up Call to What You Really Are.” Learn more about Lauren at

Margaret Johnson

Margaret Johnson

Margaret offers clairvoyant readings that provide spiritual clarity and understanding. She focuses on any question, area of life, behavior, or relationship that the client would like to explore. Healing unfolds as outdated and unhelpful energetic patterns are identified and released. Sessions are interactive and anchored in non-judgement and empowerment. Margaret supports clients in connecting more fully with the truth of who they are and their ability to create the life that they desire.

Margaret works with clients exclusively over the phone.

Learn more about Margaret on the team page.


“Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked with many people who claim to be psychic or clairvoyant. While some of them have undoubtedly been gifted in that sense, Lauren Skye has a talent and style that, for me, is unparalleled. She has been able to tap into the deepest layers of my current state, which is very helpful because I can’t always see those myself! I really appreciate that unlike many psychics, she isn’t predictive, because it emphasizes the role of free will in our lives…which is actually incredibly empowering. She isn’t afraid to “tell it like it is,” yet she does so in a way that is compassionate, which makes it possible to take in the information. I hope Lauren will continue to share her gift with others for many years to come, because she is such a valuable resource when life is challenging and we need a clearer perspective! Thanks again, Lauren…I really appreciate you!”

Stacy D., Denver, CO

“I have been receiving readings and healings from Margaret over the phone, at least once a month, for over a year now – and WOW, what a journey it has been! Working with Margaret has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Her insight is always profound and timely. She has a beautiful ability to “meet me where I am” on any given day, and works with me both energetically and spiritually to help me find my course and work through whatever growth periods I find myself in. In our readings she energetically supports me through shifts when something is no longer serving me, while providing powerful, grounded insight throughout the process. She has helped me to grow while allowing me to stay in the driver’s seat of my own journey – giving me the tools to trust and connect with my soul. Whether you’re going through a challenging period or just want powerful spiritual support, I highly recommend working with Margaret.”

– Jen B., Denver, CO