Readings with the Inner Connection Institute

Clairvoyance literally means “Clear Vision,” the ability to see energy (the root of all reality & experience).

Our readers combine this skill with clairvoyant healing, the ability to change energy (and so change experience). It’s not about fortune telling or prediction. It is about empowerment, healing, and transformation.

You bring your specific questions and an open mind and heart to the session. During a reading, your requests will be answered with clarity and without judgment. Life-changing information comes to the foreground. Any issue or area of life can be addressed, illuminated, and transformed.

Clairvoyant readings bring clarity to any situation.

Challenges are transformed into opportunity, and healing begins.

Our readings, healings, recordings, educational programs, and other services are powerful, life-changing tools for growth, but they are not intended to be a substitute for medical care or legal or financial advice. Inner Connection Institute cannot be held responsible for actions you may take without proper medical, financial, legal or tax advice. Neither Lauren Skye, the Inner Connection Institute, Church of Infinite Spirit, nor the directors and officers assume responsibility for your use of our services, products, and programs.