About the Inner Connection Institute

We Are A Multi-Faceted Center For Spiritual Growth

At the Inner Connection Institute, we engage deep energy work (“Clairvoyance”) in our readings and teachings to help individuals connect with their spiritual essence, allowing them to heal and grow into their true authentic selves. We help clients heal by using our Clairvoyant skills to read their energy, helping them to release what is not theirs and come more into alignment with their truest beings. To learn more about what is involved in a reading with the Inner Connection Institute, click on the Healings tab.

In addition to providing readings and healings, we also teach classes on how to read energy in order to teach our students how to heal themselves (or others through our Clairvoyant Training program), and and provide a non-denominational spiritual Sanctuary for like-minded souls to connect and grow in their spiritual development.

The Inner Connection Institute was founded in 1996 by founder and Co-Director Lauren Skye, and was later expanded to include the Church of Infinite Spirit in 1999.

At ICI, you are always invited to go as far as is right for you with our programs. Some people come to learn to meditate and create an effective, easy meditation practice for themselves. Others may enjoy our entire, life-changing series in clairvoyant development, or somewhere in between.

All of our services are grounded in the empowerment of our clients. We believe in each individual’s power and freedom to create the future according to their path and passions. We support transforming challenges into opportunities, rather than becoming mired in predictions. In addition to services for individuals, we also offer house and business clearings, along with couples and group work.

Take some time to explore our offerings, and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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