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Why is ICI a Church?2020-03-24T20:03:44-06:00

In her journey of healing childhood trauma, Lauren Skye began to deeply explore concepts that had been compelling to her all of her life: the world of spiritual truth, energy, and the after-death experience. She explored a variety of religious orders, but the punishment and reward systems inherent in religion didn’t make sense in light of her spiritual experiences. Yet, there were nuggets of truth amidst the dogma. Lauren desired to create a safe place of spiritual sanctuary, where people could explore their spiritual nature and abilities in a fun, supportive environment; free of judgment and dogma.

The Church of Infinite Spirit is the fulfillment of that dream. Lauren Skye co-founded the Church of Infinite Spirit in 1999. In 2000, the Church received designation as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

What is Energy?2019-12-17T17:30:40-07:00

Energy can be thought of as the fabric of reality. The energies we carry are expressed in the forms of belief, thought, emotion, and sensation. To create a different experience, we begin by becoming aware of what we are carrying on an energetic (vibrational) level. We can then become proactive about changing those energies and creating a new experience. This process allows us to reframe our histories, release old patterns and blocks, and create a brand new day.

What is Clairvoyance?2019-12-17T17:30:58-07:00

Clairvoyance refers to our natural ability to see, transform, and create energy. 

Clairvoyance is a widely misunderstood concept. It isn’t about fortune telling or predicting the future, it’s about becoming self-aware on a vibrational level and integrating the transformational opportunities that self awareness brings. As human beings with free will, the future isn’t predictable – but with clairvoyance and energy work we can proactively engage with the present moment to manifest the future of our dreams.

What if I don’t know what to ask during my reading?2019-12-17T17:33:16-07:00

If you do not know what direction you’d like to begin the session, your reader may ask you to simply describe what motivated you to set your appointment.

How does Zoom work?2020-03-24T20:02:08-06:00

Zoom is our virtual classroom. It is a videoconference service that is super easy to use. 

Click here for information on how to use Zoom

How do readings/healings work?2020-03-24T20:02:37-06:00

A reading, also called a spiritual counseling session, is a spirit-to-spirit communication between the reader and the client. As you speak your specific questions and requests, the reader will watch the energy you, as spirit, present. The reader will describe and fully explain what is being seen, and can also shift energy to facilitate healing.  

At the beginning of your session, the reader will say a prayer to set the energy of the reading. Then you’ll be asked to repeat your full name a few times. This allows your reader to focus in on your unique vibration. Next, you’ll be asked to share your questions or intentions. From there, what happens is unique to you and your requests. 

How do I prepare for my reading session?2019-12-17T17:32:44-07:00

Schedule your reading for a time when you will be able to sit comfortably in a relatively quiet setting. Please do not schedule for a time when you will be driving or out walking. 

Have some questions and intentions for your session, and be ready to share these at the beginning of your session. Your speaking is the reader’s springboard into seeing.

You may want to have some time for yourself after your session to integrate the energy and digest the information.

More questions? Feel free to contact us.

Please know that readings are not a substitute for medical attention, therapy, legal, financial, or other professional advice.  Inner Connection Institute cannot be held responsible for actions you may take without proper medical, financial, legal or tax advice.

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