Meditation For Living

Welcome! Get ready for a powerful, yet simple, meditation and energy management program.

Meditation For Living will transform your inner landscape of thought and emotion.

This program can change your life.

The process is “active;” the techniques redirect your busy mind toward changing your energy and creating what you want, instead of worry and stress. The power of your attention and intention is focused toward experiencing calm and clarity, the vibrations where your answers lie, and your path becomes clear.

  • Learn easy, effective skills to relax, recharge, and find emotional balance.
  • Create energetic boundaries to better take care of yourself and your relationships
  • Clear blocks to growth and release old patterns that hold you back
  • Effectively direct the power of intention
  • Be amazed with your results!

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Course Details:

The course is presented in seven lessons over the course of twelve audio files. Below is a description of each audio. You may want to refer back to this list as you move through the sessions.

Lesson One includes three chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Grounding
  • Centering and the 6th Chakra

Chapter One: Introduction: Listen to the Introduction to get an overview of the Meditation For Living course, hear about the powerful results that await, and learn tips to help you get the most out of the program.

Chapter Two: Grounding: Grounding is the beginning step in the Meditation For Living skill set. It stabilizes the chakra system, provides a way to gather your presence, and creates a conduit to release. Listen and begin to clear your inner landscape!

Chapter Three: The Sixth Chakra: Learn how to engage with the natural abilities of your 6th Chakra. Access clarity, calm, neutrality, and seeing. As you practice activating the 6th Chakra, you can begin to detach from your history and your story and, instead, connect with your spiritual essence. The 6th Chakra is the seat of clairvoyance.

Lesson Two includes two chapters:

  • Boundaries
  • Changing Energy

Chapter One: Boundaries: Listen to this chapter and learn how to create energetic boundaries. It’s important to be able to distinguish your own energy from someone else’s. Foreign energy is the like wrong gas for your car. Your body is built to run on you as spirit, your essence energy.

Chapter Two: Changing Energy: Learn techniques to release specific types of energies, thoughts, and patterns; and replace them with the vibrations or experiences you want to have within.

Lesson Three: Chakras

Chakras are energy centers in the body. This lesson includes an overview of chakras that will be helpful for the next lesson on Flowing Energy as well as a powerful meditation to clear and align the chakras.

Lesson Four: Flowing Energy

Energy that’s moving tends to be in a more “aligned” state than energy that’s stagnant. Pain–be it physical, emotional, mental, or whatever flavor– is typically a manifestation of energy not flowing. In this lesson you will learn how to engage with earth and cosmic energies to create a state of flow within, and allow the chakras to cleanse and release. It is like taking a shower for the inner landscape of energy, thought, and emotion. Feels so good!

Lesson Five: Intention and Manifestation

Take another step and learn to use the Meditation For Living skills to set intentions and manifest what you want to create in your life. A powerful lesson that’s not to be missed!

Lesson Six includes two chapters:

  • Morning Meditation
  • Evening Meditation

Chapter One: Morning Meditation: use this guided meditation to practice the techniques and start your day in a whole new way.

Chapter Two: Evening Meditation: End your day by releasing and resetting to clear the way for a great night’s sleep.

Lesson Seven includes two chapters:

  • Finding Your Space
  • Evening Meditation

Chapter One: Finding Your Space: Use this guided meditation to walk through the Meditation For Living skill set. No need to visit previous lessons ~ the whole sequence is summarized here!

Chapter Two: Mock-ups Practice: Use this guided meditation to walk through the mock-up steps you learned in Lesson Five.