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Be Inspired. Be Connected. Be Transformed.

The Inner Connection Institute (ICI) is a modern spiritual community that provides healings, classes, and spiritual services designed to support the unfolding of your spiritual truth and freedom through the development of your own natural clairvoyant abilities.

Meditation for Living

Create your day and transform your life with our free spiritual development program.

Harness the power of intention and attention as you:

– Learn easy, effective skills to recharge and find emotional balance
– Create energetic boundaries to better take care of yourself and your relationships
– Clear blocks to growth and release old patterns that hold you back

Perfect for both beginners & seasoned meditators. Be amazed with your results!

Picture our organization as a tree with three branches

“The most significant and transformative relationships you can cultivate are your relationship with yourself and your connection with the consciousness that creates this Universe. These relationships are reflected in all your other associations.”

—Lauren Skye, founder

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The Team

The leaders, healers & teachers of the Inner Connection Institute.

Lauren Skye

Lauren Skye

Founder, Co-Director

Margaret Johnson

Margaret Johnson


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