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Bundle Details:

Below is a short description of each of the meditations in the Bundle:


Peace meditation: Peace can seem elusive, however, it is actually accessible at any moment. Discover three steps to create peace in your internal landscape.

Relationships meditation: Enrich your relationships by focusing on the relationship you have with yourself as well as your connection to Source.

Spiritual Mobility: Harness your power of spiritual mobility to free yourself from a definition of reality that is causing you to stay stuck.

Spiritual Currency: Discover what spiritual currency is and how to grow this resource to connect to your highest essence and power. Take a break from your story and investigate what truly matters to you.

Thoughts: Learn how to observe your thoughts and clear the unhelpful, sabotaging ones. Activate your power to choose your thoughts.

Tension: Learn how to release tension and resistance and create more balance, flow and freedom.

Gratitude: Learn how to engage with the power of gratitude to raise your vibration and increase the range of possibilities in your life.

Create Your Day: The energies we carry into the beginning of a day largely determine how we experience it. Engage with energy management techniques to determine the vibrations and intentions you want to manifest in your day.