Ever wonder why certain experiences seem to repeat over and over again? We try to learn from past relationship disasters and yet we continue to attract the same type of partner? Or, at our job, we work and work to get that promotion, but to no avail?

This isn’t some type of Groundhog’s Day gone wild. In fact, these are energetic patterns in action. We create our reality from the inside out. The energies, or beliefs, we hold within ourselves create our outer world experience. So, if we are creating a recurring theme in our lives, we can look inward to see which energy pattern has taken center stage.

For example, I grew up in a household with a lot of expectations. My parents rewarded me with affection when I “performed.” Good looks, good manners, and good grades put me in my parents’ good graces. Over time, I began to equate “good” performance with love.

When I got older and began having relationships, this pattern or belief became problematic. I was a “pleaser” and how. I wanted to be rewarded for my “good” deeds. Not surprisingly, I kept feeling empty and taken advantage of in my relationships. And, I attracted partners who easily took advantage and then left.

Remember those amusement rides that allowed you to “drive” a car on a circular route when you were a little kid? You got behind the wheel, put your foot on the accelerator, and you were off (albeit at a riveting 7 miles per hour). It was so exciting to feel like you were the one actually driving the car. Of course, there was a raised steel median in the middle of the road that kept you from veering off the track.

Energetic patterns act as that raised center median. As much as we might want to go in a different direction, the belief doesn’t let us get off the path we are on. We steer to try to create something different, only to be pulled back into our repeating behavior. And, often, we don’t see these controlling imprints. They are underneath our car!

I was able to let go of my energetic pattern through the meditation techniques I learned and now teach at the Inner Connection Institute. Today, when I am giving a clairvoyant reading, I can identify a client’s unhelpful energetic beliefs and support the client in releasing those patterns .

Yes, it’s true! We can change the composite of energies in our inner landscape. We can let go of any limiting idea or pattern. We can release and in so doing we free ourselves to drive our cars in new directions and create the experiences we truly desire in our lives.

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About the Author: Margaret Johnson

Margaret Johnson is Co-Director of the Inner Connection Institute and an officiating Minister of both online and in-person services at the Church of Infinite Spirit. She teaches many of ICI’s online classes and offers private intuitive readings and healings by phone. As a former Wall Street portfolio manager and a mother of four, Margaret began her training at ICI over 20 years ago and experienced a profound inner transformation. Whether teaching or reading, it is her greatest joy to support others in their spiritual journey of healing, awareness and freedom.