By Margaret Johnson

Recently, I had an experience that reminded me of how powerful it is to connect.  Our dog Sadie had some type of seizure and couldn’t use her hind legs well.  She was dazed and vacant.  With the help of a neighbor, I was able to get her in the car and head to the vet.  We parked in the sun-drenched lot, opened the car doors and windows, and began the hour wait, Sadie panting and me pacing.

A woman approached me and started up a conversation.  She had noticed my deep concern and Sadie’s lethargy.  I was in no mood to chat.  I felt scared and helpless and just wanted to get Sadie seen by the vet.

Interestingly, behind the annoyed thoughts in my head, there was a clear and commanding directive, “Stop, Listen, Connect.”  So, I stopped and took a breath and became more present to the conversation.  I listened as this friendly woman, Jane, told me about her dog, Ziggy, and how she had come to live in Santa Fe.

After a few moments, she noticed a car leaving the one parking space in the lot that was in the shade.  Jane told me she would go and stand in that spot to save it while I moved my car.

I was immediately overwhelmed with gratitude.  Literally, it flooded my body and my being.  Instantly, I recognized that I was seen and supported by Spirit.  Jane’s kind ‘hello’ completely changed my experience from edgy isolation to spiritual connection.

These are challenging days and often it is easy to become disconnected.  When we do, we can drop into fear, anxiety, anger and feel completely alone in our reality.  We can fall into a victim stance, blaming others or life for what is happening.

On a soul level, disconnection is the most painful condition.  And, it can be easy to get stuck there.

We are created from Source, each a unique expression of that vast energy.  Our nature is to connect to our spiritual essence and when we do, we can come into present time and tap into our power as a spiritual being.

Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to plug in, hear our inner voice, and connect to Spirit. We can be nourished, supported and know we are never alone. We can remember that we create our reality from the inside out.

“Stop. Listen. Connect.”  That inner voice guided me to be open to receiving the kindness of a stranger in a parking lot.  And, when we are connected, we can be that stranger to someone else.

Thankfully, Sadie is now fully recovered.  Jane has likely long forgotten our encounter; however, I am forever grateful, inspired, and changed.

In fact, I was moved to write this poem about the power of “We” and an outstretched hand.


The Spectator

Us vs Them is the main event
both parties arrive with their frothing fans

Win, Win, Win the voices roar
Hate, Hate, Hate brightens the lights over the ring
dissecting the prey in the opposite corner

We sits alone waiting, rafters high
arms stretched wide in alchemy

Empty space to observe the ultimate battle spars within
Look up!

Margaret Johnson

If you are interested in hearing more about how you can connect through meditation practices, check out our website and the upcoming Deep Dive Series on Gratitude. And, if you would like to hear more on being connected, check out our YouTube video here.


About the Author: Margaret Johnson

Margaret Johnson is Co-Director of the Inner Connection Institute and an officiating Minister of both online and in-person services at the Church of Infinite Spirit. She teaches many of ICI’s online classes and offers private intuitive readings and healings by phone. As a former Wall Street portfolio manager and a mother of four, Margaret began her training at ICI over 20 years ago and experienced a profound inner transformation. Whether teaching or reading, it is her greatest joy to support others in their spiritual journey of healing, awareness and freedom.