By Lauren Skye

I’ll be teaching a class on Intention and Manifestation later this month. I’ve gotten some interesting comments and questions about why I would run such a class at this time, when it seems manifestation is limited.

It’s true that our scope of physical action is restrained at this time. Some states now require visitors to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival. Access to stores is restricted. Restaurants are doing their best under heavy regulations, and schools are limiting in-person learning. These constraints, along with many others, are very real.

But on the energetic level permission is high to create change, even large-scale change. The preciousness of life is in the foreground. Chaotic times remind us that incarnation is short, and we must seize the day. The strings that tend to hold us back; obligation, fear of the unknown, guilt, and more; are thin and easy to break right now. Interestingly, in this way, there is more freedom.

Manifestation happens on both large and small scales. Of course we notice it more in the big shifts, but we are doing it all the time. We create our lives, moment to moment, and we do so according to the energies we carry. Life happens through us, not to us.

I recently had the honor of hearing multiple sides of a conflict to facilitate healing. It was amazing to see how each person interpreted the event through their own history and their own decisions about what’s true and possible.

It is as though we filter life through a story and our capacity to manifest is limited to what fits the script. That’s true restriction, more limiting than any temporary COVID-19 issue.

As we explore our spiritual nature, our sense of ourselves becomes bigger than the story. We can rewrite the script and change the plot line. We change the energies we carry, leading to new thoughts, feelings, and experiences. We break patterns, let go of the old, receive the new, and begin a whole new book; not just another chapter. How exciting!

Please join me on this journey. True freedom is our destination. If you’re ready to explore, check out the description here on our website.

About the Author: Lauren Skye

Lauren is an intuitive reader, energetic healer, spiritual teacher, and non-denominational minister. She has been in practice since 1993 and is the founder and Director of the Inner Connection Institute (ICI). She is also a co-founder of the Church of Infinite Spirit (CIS), a non-profit spiritual sanctuary. ICI and CIS are dedicated to supporting people in experiencing themselves as spiritual beings, and to enjoying the empowerment that comes from that awareness.