by Lauren Skye

While developing our latest website, we’ve been revisiting our mission, vision, and values as an organization. It’s been a lovely opportunity to get back to the basics of why we do what we do, and why we love it so much.

Our core mission is to inspire spiritual freedom, by supporting people in knowing themselves as spiritual beings, and as a part of the consciousness that creates this universe.

Knowing we exist beyond the body brings both peace and preciousness to the current incarnation. True knowing happens by experiencing ourselves as spirit, rather than thinking or talking about it. Deep empowerment and natural joy come forward, and one is transformed.

We hope to bring this awareness to as many people as we can. And, the effects of this experience tend to ripple outward. As one soul awakens, those around them receive opportunity for change as well, as relationships evolve when seen with spiritual perspective.

Our mission is expressed through our organization, the Church of Infinite Spirit and Inner Connection Institute. The Church and Institute further the mission through clairvoyant awareness.

As an organization, and in our personal lives, our core values include: Spiritual perspective, loving kindness, integrity, authenticity, acceptance, groundedness, and dedication.

Sometimes people ask me; “Why is it a church?” Because the word church and the concept of church are sorely in need of healing. They’ve been corrupted away from the intention of sanctuary, nest, and place of remembering.

As part of my journey of healing childhood trauma, I explored the concepts that had been compelling all of my life: the world of spiritual truth, energy, and the after-death experience. Astral travel journeys and the presence of spiritual helpers had been prominent during my challenging early years and stirred my search for more.

I looked at a variety of religious orders, but the punishment and reward systems inherent in religion didn’t make sense in light of my experiences. Yet, there were nuggets of truth amidst the dogma.

I wanted to create a safe place of spiritual sanctuary, where people could explore their spiritual nature and abilities in a fun, supportive environment; free of judgment and dogma. The Church of Infinite Spirit is the fulfillment of that dream. With like-minded partners, I co-founded the Church in 1999. We received our designation as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2000.

We are an inclusive, modern, spiritual community; where everyone is always welcome to take what they can use and leave the rest. We don’t pretend to have cornered the market on spiritual wisdom or to dictate how you should live this life. We never ask you for allegiance, a vow, or commitment to our organization. We do not ask you to see us as your exclusive spiritual answer. You are the answer.

We do not believe you will be met by a god of judgment at death. We believe you will be accountable to yourself as you are enveloped by the loving light of consciousness, greeted by your guides, and welcomed by those who’ve passed before you. Earth is a learning experience, but life is not a test. We are redefining the concept of church, and the concept of clairvoyance as well.

Clairvoyance has been associated with fortune telling and prediction for far too long. It’s really a natural ability we all have to engage with the realm of energy. The energies we carry seed our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and experiences. We all have the power to see and change our energy and transform our experience from the energy level of reality on up to physical experience. By engaging clairvoyance, we become aware of, and directly experience, our spiritual nature.

Clairvoyance brings freedom from the pain of the past and dissolves fear of the future. It brings healing, insight, empowerment and transformation. This knowledge is needed now more than ever in our chaotic time.

Our Meditation for Living program is now free by download in our virtual classroom. This audio series gives you the basics of clairvoyant awareness and the energy management skills everyone needs to navigate life with optimal capacity for abundance and joy.

Our site’s old primary domain name,, now points to my new personal site. Our team is growing, so this step of managing my information separate from the Inner Connection Institute site is an important one.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I know it is a long one this month and I am honored by your sharing your time and attention (two of your most precious resources in life) with me.

I leave you today with two lovely quotes. First, words from Henry Stanley Haskins (often misattributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson) that sum up our vision well: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen.”

And, a personal favorite, short and sweet; the last words of Thomas Edison: “It’s beautiful over there.”

Know that your freedom is within you. You are a spiritual being experiencing incarnation, free to create your own reality and capable of truly loving and appreciating yourself as you dance with the possibilities of consciousness.

I see you as the magnificent being that you are.

About the Author: Lauren Skye

Lauren is an intuitive reader, energetic healer, spiritual teacher, and non-denominational minister. She has been in practice since 1993 and is the founder and Director of the Inner Connection Institute (ICI). She is also a co-founder of the Church of Infinite Spirit (CIS), a non-profit spiritual sanctuary. ICI and CIS are dedicated to supporting people in experiencing themselves as spiritual beings, and to enjoying the empowerment that comes from that awareness.