By Lauren Skye

Early this year, astrologer Virginia Rosenberg described 2021 as a bumpy, dirt road between two highways. We are four-wheeling the transition between realities. Which road we choose next will be up to each of us. No future is written in stone. We get to create it. In the meantime, the ride is bumpy indeed.

Things are uneven and uncomfortable on a global, national, community, and personal level for many. Agreements are changing; relationships, workplaces, governments; everything is in flux. People are moving, quitting, creating, coming and going. When the road is bouncy, it’s best to go with it, being loose to ride the ups and downs, not holding on too tight.

As for me, professional and personal relationships are in transition, including my relationship with my physical self. As I embody and embrace a post-menopausal, female body; concepts like time, wisdom, service, priorities and lunch with a friend take on new depth. I find myself contemplating old maps and drawing new lines. And I’m remembering that creating also means letting go. 

Are you going with the flow in your life? We as humans become attached; to people, situations, the way things have “always” looked or been. If you find yourself resisting, perhaps even bracing against the inevitable, consider letting go. Trust and release, trust and release again; and see what happens next. What is for you in present time cannot be lost. What’s ending is ending no matter how you hold. 

Remember your power to name a thing. How we frame a situation is what it is. A job change is either scary or exciting. Aging can be a problem or a gift. A relationship shift is an abandonment or a completion that makes space for the new. It’s simple, and not easy. 

As you ride the waves of change, gain strength from the deeper constants; the truth of spirit, incarnation and the journeying soul. If you need support, we are here. Join a guided meditation, come to the monthly online service, or check out our free meditation program to learn what it really means to create your own reality. Even though the road is bumpy, you are in the driver’s seat of your experience. 

About the Author: Lauren Skye

Lauren is an intuitive reader, energetic healer, spiritual teacher, and non-denominational minister. She has been in practice since 1993 and is the founder and Director of the Inner Connection Institute (ICI). She is also a co-founder of the Church of Infinite Spirit (CIS), a non-profit spiritual sanctuary. ICI and CIS are dedicated to supporting people in experiencing themselves as spiritual beings, and to enjoying the empowerment that comes from that awareness.