by Lauren Skye

Decluttering is a current trend, and that’s a good thing. Releasing what we don’t need brings a sense of peace and freedom. This is true on an energetic level as well. Our inner worlds of belief, thought, emotion, and energy become cluttered as we live life.

We each create our own realities not by controlling what happens, but by how we define what’s happening and how we choose to respond to those happenings.

This is why one person can be at a party having a great time, meeting wonderful people and experiencing joy, while another can find the same event an exercise in anxiety and tension. It’s why the same off-hand comment can be deeply offensive to one person, while rolling off another’s back.

How we frame experiences and how we respond to them is a function of the energies that are stored in our space: our body, chakras, and energy fields. Our space is our home as a spirit during this lifetime. We can move in and out of it to varying degrees as a spiritual being, and that determines how present we are to life at any given moment.

As we live life, things can begin to fill up our house. Decisions we make in reaction to life experiences, things we’ve been told, and energies we pick up from others, to name a few. We bring these things into our house and they mix with our own energy. Over the course of time, we can have less and less space for our own soul essence, who we really are, as other vibrations accumulate in our precious home.

This clutter is important because what’s in our space is reflected in the world around us. For example, if a woman carries a belief in her fourth chakra, or the heart room of her house, that men cannot be trusted, she will experience a world full of dishonest men. Let’s say a young boy hears his dad say over and over again, “you’ll never amount to anything.” This becomes background music in his space, always present. Later in life, this energy may create challenges in his career or relationships.

Meditation, energy management, and spiritual awareness allow us to re-own and clean out our house. We can begin to recognize what is ours to keep in our space and what is not. Energy tools provide techniques for clearing, making room for our own energy and our own information as a spirit. As we cleanse our space, we can begin to create reality according to our own path and our own desires for this lifetime. Quickly, the world around us begins to shift to reflect the new universe within.

If your house is cluttered, begin clearing and remodeling. You can bring your home up to present time with your own vibration, creativity, and joy; creating the life you desire from the inside out. Begin here with our free Meditation For Living program. Or, if you’d like some help with your spiritual housekeeping, check out our readers here. We are honored to support your releasing and the unfolding of your wonderful self.

About the Author: Lauren Skye

Lauren is an intuitive reader, energetic healer, spiritual teacher, and non-denominational minister. She has been in practice since 1993 and is the founder and Director of the Inner Connection Institute (ICI). She is also a co-founder of the Church of Infinite Spirit (CIS), a non-profit spiritual sanctuary. ICI and CIS are dedicated to supporting people in experiencing themselves as spiritual beings, and to enjoying the empowerment that comes from that awareness.