Clairvoyant Training Program

Clairvoyant Training is our signature, life-changing program and the core of our work.

Is it time for you to take the driver’s seat on your journey of life? Is it time to be empowered, content, sure of yourself, aligned with your purpose, and able to navigate challenges with calm and clarity?

Is it time to be truly happy?

If the answer is yes, it’s your time to take the step of a lifetime in the Clairvoyant Training Program!

This class will be offered virtually via Zoom Videoconference

Prerequisite: Meditation For Living (on demand audio program) or Clairvoyant Meditation (live series).

Enrollment Now Open for Clairvoyant Training 2022

Interest list is forming for the 2021 session.

Next session begins February 2, 2022

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“My training with ICI has been life changing in so many ways – truly, I cannot imagine not having this in my world. The Clairvoyant Training opened up a part of me that I hadn’t even known to look for. I am forever grateful to Lauren, Margaret and ICI for bringing this amazing work to me – and making it virtual!”
– Marilou

Clairvoyance is about becoming self-aware on an energetic level, the realization that you are made of energy and are a spiritual being. Your natural clairvoyant abilities allow you to see, transform, and create energy. By developing your own clairvoyance, you experience the knowingness of your spiritual self and of the world of energy. This knowing is the key to joyful living. There’s nothing like it!

This program is for anyone who wants to take a step in spiritual awareness and enjoy the empowerment, joy, and transformation that comes from knowing oneself as a spiritual being. It is for those willing to go within, willing to explore the inner world of belief, thought and emotion, and willing to embrace life in a whole new way. You don’t have to want to become a professional reader to get everything from this program. However, that is an option if you prefer.

Prerequisite: Meditation For Living (on demand audio program) or Clairvoyant Meditation (live series).

You will learn and practice specific, easy techniques for accessing clairvoyance. And, you’ll apply those techniques in real-world ways in your life. You will free yourself to create your own experience, let go of what’s not working, and create anew. As you grow, you’ll practice reading others. You will unfold your own clairvoyant reading and energy healing abilities in a fun, supportive environment that fosters confidence and certainty. You’ll be well supported every step of the way, and connected to a powerful community of like-minded souls. Here are some sample topics we’ll explore:

  • Deepening the meditation space
  • Seeing/reading the aura and chakras
  • Seeing/reading with neutrality and certainty
  • Working with healing guides
  • Energy healing techniques
  • Seeing/reading past lives
  • Understand/Change spiritual agreements
  • Decision Points: changing the past and future
  • Clearing Perfection and Judgment
  • Prosperity
  • Health
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Karma
  • Male and Female Energies
  • Astral Body and Astral Travel

… and more!

Fees include live classes, recordings of all classes, written materials, and discounts on private sessions with Lauren and Margaret (enjoy one reading with Lauren OR Margaret per module at 1/2 price).

Students completing a minimum of 18 practice readings (across Modules 2 and 3) will receive Certification as a Clairvoyant Reader and Healer from the Inner Connection Institute.

The program is facilitated by Elizabeth Diamond, Lauren Skye, and Margaret Johnson. Elizabeth is a senior staff teacher with Inner Connection Institute. Lauren and Margaret are Co-Directors of the Institute. You’ll have access to your teachers outside class time by email and phone.

To see the entire ICI team, please visit our team page.

Clairvoyant Training


1. Can I take Module 1 without committing to Module 2?
Yes! However, you must take Module 1 to qualify for Module 2; and you must take Module 2 to qualify for Module 3.

2. What if I need to be absent?
No problem! You’ll receive a recording of each lecture. To become certified as a Clairvoyant Reader by the Inner Connection Institute, you will need to complete a minimum of 18 practice readings.

3. What if I want to leave the program?
You can leave the program at any time without incurring further financial obligation. However, once payments are made to the Inner Connection Institute, they are non-refundable. Go with the monthly payment plan for most flexibility.

4. Do I have to read other people?
You will be required to participate in trading exercises during classes. You do not have to attend the practice readings. However, we will encourage you to do so because the act of reading transforms your sense of self like nothing else can. It is truly amazing! You will never be graded on “accuracy.” Reading is about you experiencing yourself as a spiritual being.

For those desiring the path of professional reading, you must attend at least 18 practice readings (over the course of 24 opportunities during Modules 2 and 3) to be certified as a Clairvoyant Reader and Healer by the Inner Connection Institute.

5. What if I love it?
Continued training will be available for those interested! Graduates have access to the Clairvoyant Mastery program. After completing Clairvoyant Mastery, you may enjoy the Graduate Spiritual Journey, One-to-One (Exploration Between Lifetimes), Ministry Training, and Trance Mediumship.

Module 1 Schedule for Year 2022

January 12: Optional “Meet and Greet” with the teachers; 10-11 am MST

February 2 – April 20: Learning Sessions – Wednesdays from 10:00 am – 12 pm MST

Module 2 Schedule for Year 2022

May 11 – July 27; Learning Sessions + Reading Practice Sessions – Wednesdays from 10:00 am – 1 pm MST

Module 3 Schedule for Year 2022

August 17 – November 2: Learning Sessions + Reading Practice Sessions – Wednesdays from 10:00 am – 1 pm MST

Module 1

Pay in Full: $895


Module 1

Monthly Payment: $320