Essential Energy Care For The Awakening Empath

Being an empath, you’re a highly sensitive soul who’s got a big heart and psychic empath gifts.
You feel what others feel, which makes you understanding, compassionate, and highly intuitive.

When managed well, your sensitivity is your power. It is the key to your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and empowerment. However, if you don’t manage this special gift you have, you become an emotional sponge. Without healthy energetic boundaries, you absorb the negativity of people and the world around you.

Maybe you find yourself taking on other people’s energy out of compassion and a desire to help them find some grounding, not realizing that doing so is damaging to your own energy and body. Or, perhaps you isolate yourself more in these intense times to create a buffer from the world. And if so, you may experience deep loneliness and sadness.

This can all be transformed. When well-managed, empathy is a profound spiritual gift. Essential Energy Care For The Awakening Empath is for empaths and highly sensitive people who want to take charge of their energy, live empowered lives, and connect to their innate psychic gifts.

In this course, we will cover the basics about what it means to be an empath. And then we will get right into the practical application of these simple yet highly powerful energy tools.

Learn to:

  • Set healthy energetic boundaries and confidently uphold them
  • Consistently clear and manage your own energy
  • Feel grounded in your body
  • Access your own wisdom and clarity
  • Release overwhelm, anxiety, stress, and confusion whenever they arise
  • Be connected to your higher truth and trust your intuitive vision
  • Open to your natural psychic abilities

You will walk away with a simple and powerful practice that you can begin using right away so you can build energetic balance and stability, no matter how intense the world around you becomes. And, you will learn how to awaken the visionary qualities of your psychic sight.

Empath class

Teacher: Elizabeth Diamond

When: Thursdays, Sept. 9 – Oct. 7, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM Mountain Time via Zoom

Fee: $210 early registration (by September 6th) $230 after. Fee includes audio and video recordings of each session.

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This course is open to everyone. There are no prerequisites.

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