Trance Medium Program Year 1

The trance medium program is about experiencing oneself as spirit.

Take the skills you’ve learned to clear your space on the human level and evolve them to become awake and masterful in the spiritual realm.

The first year of this training focuses on healing the spiritual body and gaining certainty in a broader range of consciousness; along with mastery of the trance medium (out-of-body) reading and healing skill set.

You’ll learn new ways to run energy, engage your psychic awareness in the out-of-body space, give healings, and heal yourself. You’ll gain certainty in engaging with beings in your own space and other’s spaces.

trance mediumship

Teacher: Lauren Skye

Time & Location: Begins February 27th; 6:00pm at Psychic Horizons Center, Boulder CO

This program meets twice per month: once for class time and once for healing clinic.

Meets 4th Thursdays beginning February 27th; 6:00pm – 8:30pm (we’ll move to third Thursdays during the holidays in November and December).

Healing clinics on second Thursdays (sign up early and come to the clinic on February 13th to kick-start your journey).

Price: Fee is $250/month via auto-pay or post-dated checks ($300 per month without auto-pay).

Contact Lauren at 303-282-9439 or to sign-up.


Your financial agreement will be with Psychic Horizons Center.

Fee includes live classes and recordings of all classes.