Clairvoyant Mastery Program

Clairvoyant Mastery is your next step upward and inward following your Clairvoyant Training Program

Do you want to expand your spiritual vision and go even deeper into spiritual awareness and power? Do you want to continue to release unhelpful patterns and open up to your inner truth and wisdom?

Are you ready for even more joy and creativity?

If the answer is yes, Clairvoyant Mastery is for you!

This class will be offered online via Zoom Videoconference

Prerequisite: Clairvoyant Training, Modules 1-3

Clairvoyant Mastery is about deepening your clairvoyant skills to uncover the truth of who you are as a spiritual being and integrate that knowingness into your day-to-day experience.  In this series, you will learn new skills to release underlying obstructive patterns so that you can continue to create change and align with who you are, your true passions, and path.  You will expand your spiritual perspective and connect with your own vastness and spiritual power. In addition, you’ll continue to grow as a clairvoyant reader and healer, mastering new skills and expanding your clairvoyant abilities and certainty.

This program is presented in two modules of twelve weeks each.

Next Start Date January 16th, 2024

“There is this ripple effect with this work which is so amazing to me, it keeps rippling through my daily life long after class or a reading is over. Changes are happening and insights present themselves. Learning to activate or open the inner vision was for me like starting on a journey I didn’t really know was possible to take. The healing is profound and the journey continuous.”

– Helgrid Randolph 


1. Can I take Module 1 without committing to Module 2?
Yes! However, you must take Module 1 to qualify for Module 2.

2. What if I need to be absent?
No problem! You’ll receive audio and video recordings of each lecture. To become certified as a graduate of Clairvoyant Mastery by the Inner Connection Institute, you will need to complete a minimum of 18 practice readings.

3. What if I want to leave the program?
You can leave the program at any time without incurring further financial obligation. However, once payments are made to the Inner Connection Institute, they are non-refundable. Go with the monthly payment plan for most flexibility.

4. Do I have to read other people?

You will be required to participate in trading exercises during classes. You do not have to attend the practice readings. However, we will encourage you to do so because the act of reading transforms your sense of self like nothing else can. It is truly amazing! You will never be graded on “accuracy.” Reading is about you experiencing yourself as a spiritual being.

For those desiring certificate of graduation, you must attend at least 18 practice readings (over the course of 24 opportunities during Modules 1 and 2) to be certified as a graduate of Clairvoyant Mastery by the Inner Connection Institute.

5. What if I love it?
Continued training will be available for those interested! Graduates have access to advanced programs, including the Graduate Spiritual Journey, One-to-One (Exploration Between Lifetimes), Ministry Training, and Trance Mediumship.

Module 1 Schedule for Year 2024

January 16 – April 2: Learning Sessions + Reading Practice Sessions – Tuesdays from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm MST


Module 2 Schedule for Year 2024

April 23 – July 9: Learning Sessions + Reading Practice Sessions – Tuesdays from 10:00 am – 1 pm MST

Return/Refund Information
Should you cancel before the class starts, your payment is fully refundable.

Please note that when you schedule or sign-up, you agree to the following:
Our readings, healings, recordings, learning programs, and other services are powerful, life-changing tools for growth, but they are not intended to be a substitute for medical care or legal or financial advice. Inner Connection Institute cannot be held responsible for actions you may take without proper medical, financial, legal, tax, or other advice. Neither Lauren Skye, Margaret Johnson, the Inner Connection Institute, Church of Infinite Spirit, nor the directors and officers assume responsibility for your use of services, products, and programs. Namaste.