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Our classes are designed to empower you to access your natural, spiritual abilities to see and change energy. We support you in creating the life you desire; the life that is a reflection of your true self and spirit, with your optimal capacity for health, prosperity, love, and joy. The two foundations of our teaching are that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that the energies we carry create our experience of life.

Energy can be thought of as the fabric of reality, and the energies we carry are expressed in the form of belief, thought, emotion, and sensation. To create a different experience, we begin by becoming aware of what we are carrying on an energetic, or vibrational, level. We can then become proactive about changing that energy, and consequently create a new experience. This process allows us to reframe our histories, release old patterns and blocks, and generate a brand new experience.

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meditation for living

Meditation for Living (On Demand)

Classes with ICI begin with our foundation series, Meditation For Living (MFL).

The on demand MFL program provides all the benefits of effective meditation; relaxation, emotional balance, enhanced creativity, and increased health, as well as so much more. The easy, practical, “real-world” techniques in MFL help anyone access and change energy, and become a powerful creator in their own life, rather than a reactor to whatever is going on in life. These are new life skills everyone needs in these challenging times.

This free course is the prerequisite for all of our offerings. It is your doorway to the world of spiritual awareness and energy management. Once you have graduated, you are eligible to attend a wide variety of courses and workshops with the Inner Connection Institute.

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Next Step Classes

meditation for living

Using the Tools

A two-hour workshop with Lauren Skye

In this short course, you will:

  • Review the skill set you learned in Meditation For Living
  • Learn ways to apply the tools to your day and life
  • Evolve the skill set to begin to experience your own clairvoyance
  • Have opportunities to ask your questions and participate in group discussion, if you’d like. (If you’re a quiet type, you can simply hang out and listen.)

This workshop is a great way to take your next step in meditation, to learn some new techniques, and to get to know the ICI founder and Director, Lauren Skye.

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meditation for living

The Transformative Power of Gratitude

Deepen your meditation practice with a focus on the powerful vibration of gratitude. In this course, held by Zoom videoconference, you’ll learn new skills and explore spiritual concepts as you are uplifted and transformed by this mighty vibration.

In this series, you will:

  • Explore the vibration of gratitude as a stance of consciousness
  • Increase your capacity to access and vibrate at gratitude
  • Expand your connection to your spiritual essence of joy
  • Release pain, resistance, and expectation
  • Learn specific tools to establish and maintain your practice of gratitude

This course is for graduates of our free introductory course, Meditation for Living.

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meditation for living

2020 Holiday Survival Series

Gather with Lauren, Margaret, and like-minded community throughout the holiday season. Use your Meditation For Living Skills and energy management tools to create your experience of the season and counter the challenges of this time.

This series is FREE! 

This course is for graduates of our free introductory course, Meditation for Living.

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meditation for living

Deep Dive: The Big Four 

Our underlying beliefs and self-image manifest so profoundly in these four areas of life. We can declutter our reality by exploring them deeply, clearing energies that aren’t in alignment with our true self, and freeing our spirit to create according to our own path and passions.

In this online course, you’ll deepen your meditation practice and engage clairvoyance, using energy management tools to explore and heal yourself and your life.

This course is for graduates of our free introductory course, Meditation for Living.

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“In the course of my reading practice, so many people have asked me how they can maintain their own energy, release energies that are no longer useful to them, stay grounded and connected to spirit, and shift the experiences they are having in their lives. My answer is always to learn how to use the tools taught in the Meditation For Living and Clairvoyant Training programs taught at ICI. Self-mastery begins with managing our own energy fields!”- Jamie Endriss

Our Signature Program

Clairvoyant Training

Clairvoyant Training

Go deep with Clairvoyant Training – our signature, life changing series.

Clairvoyance is about becoming self-aware on an energetic level, the realization that you are made of energy and are a spiritual being. Your natural clairvoyant abilities allow you to see, transform, and create energy. By developing your own clairvoyance, you experience the knowingness of your spiritual self and of the world of energy. This knowing is the key to joyful living.

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Clairvoyant Mastery

The next step upward and inward

Clairvoyant Mastery is about deepening your clairvoyant skills to uncover the truth of who you are as a spiritual being and integrate that knowingness into your day-to-day experience.  In this series, you will learn new skills to release underlying obstructive patterns so that you can continue to create change and align with who you are, your true passions, and path.  You will expand your spiritual perspective and connect with your own vastness and spiritual power. In addition, you’ll continue to grow as a clairvoyant reader and healer, mastering new skills and expanding your clairvoyant abilities and certainty.

This program is presented in two modules of twelve weeks each.

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Graduate Courses

graduate spiritual journey clairvoyance

Graduate Spiritual Journey

The enrollment window is now open for the Graduate Spiritual Journey.

The Graduate Spiritual Journey is a monthly spiritual support group for graduates of Clairvoyant Training and beyond. We meet on the second Saturday of the month via Maestro Conference platform from 10:00am – 1:00pm Mountain Time.

We work in both the clairvoyant and out-of-body realms in this series, and we work with helpful beings.

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zenith space soul journey

One to One

This program meets in a small group setting to explore the Threshold, or Zenith space; the space between lifetimes. We explore past lives, the soul’s journey, agreements, genetics and more.

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